Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet Cora!

Cora came home with me today. She is a miniature schnauzer. She had been at the shelter about three weeks. I think she has been well treated, but she has the air of someone who is not going to get too attached until she's sure. She had been a breed dog for schnoodles. The people at the shelter said she was looking for a nice place to retire, so I'm hoping she'll enjoy the view from my porch and the lack of amorous poodles. I'm looking forward to our sharing the adventure of retirement.


  1. Hi, Marileta,
    Your new little buddy looks like the schnauzer I used to own. If Cora is true to her breed, she may be a little yappy, but she won't shed.
    Kathy Doherty
    P.S. Chautauqua 2009 was magical.

  2. So glad you enjoyed Chautauqua, Kathy. I was sure you would.
    Cora must have outgrown her yappy phase. She's mostly quiet and dignified. She LOVES walks, which makes me happy.

  3. Hi Marileta! This is Erin (Berger) from Highlights. Judy B. sent a link to your blog and said you're moving toward retirement this summer. Congratulations! Cora is gorgeous. (Although I was so sad to see that Sisko had passed on.) My fella and I just adopted a basset hound named Lucy. :)