Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Miracle

When I went in for a routine echocardiogram, I didn't know what it was. I had a vague image of being hooked up to something like a lie detector, with needles scribbling lines on a graph. It turned out to be (am I the last person to know this?) a lot like the pictures they take of babies in the womb, cold jelly and all. When I looked on the screen, there it was, the engine that runs everything, pumping its continuous complex rhythm:  in with the good blood, out with the bad blood. Little doors opened and closed with perfect timing, over and over and over. I was astounded. How had I not thought about this mysterious machine that floats like a living planet in the middle of my chest? What makes it go? Where does its life come from? My reaction was not unlike my amazement at seeing a sonogram of my son. (I almost expected to recognize little fingers and toes.) I was confronted with a miracle. I am thankful, on this Thanksgiving Day, for miracles.
(This is not my echocardiogram, by the way. I pulled it from the Web. I wish I had asked for mine, though.)


  1. Great post! We are all walking miracles, aren't we? Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for tje "little" miracles inside each of us.

    Donna Earnhardt

  2. Isn't science amazing!

    I doubt you remember me, but you sent me a couple personal hand written (encouraging)rejections. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and let you know one of my stories placed in the top three stories in Knowonder magazine for the October issue. Thanks for your faith and I hope you are enjoying your retirement.

    Sharon Mayhew